Residential Roof Maintenance and Warranties

Just like our cars, our landscaping, and even our teeth, the roof above our head needs attention and regular maintenance to prevent any unwanted surprises. In order to uphold your manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing materials you choose,yearly maintenance needs to be performed. Taking care of minor problems before they occur is the secret to having your roof continue to protect the investment of your home for years to come. Preman Roofing has a roof maintenance service that is easy and very affordable. If you have not had maintenance to your roof in the last 12 months, contact us today to find out how we may be of assistance.

Preman Roofing offers a standard 5-10-12 year workmanship guarantee on specific products and specified installations. This workmanship guarantee means that we back up our work for the entire length of said workmanship guarantee. Any leaks, issues, or defects due to substandard workmanship will be reworked or replaced at no charge to the owner in a timely fashion.