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Benefits of Commercial Solar Roofing

Roofing + Solar = Benefits

Commercial utility bills are, often times, through the roof and the bills go up each year. Because of this, the benefits of commercial solar roofing are numerous. The number one benefit, though, is the vast amounts of cash you will be saving each year on your business’ electrical expenses. Many business owners mistakenly believe that commercial solar roofing is simply “green” with very little other benefits, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there are some up-front costs to making the change to commercial solar roofing, there are other perks to investing now.

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Government Incentives for Solar Roofing

One of the most obvious advantages to switching to solar roofing is the government perks. Federal and state government programs offer strong financial incentives which make the switch to purchasing solar power systems much easier on businesses. The federal Investment Tax Credit gives businesses who invest in solar power systems a 30% tax credit on the cost of the system with no cap on the credit amount. In addition to this, state and local utilities have their own rebate systems to assist businesses in reducing costs for solar power installations.

There is also the option for a 5-year accelerated depreciation for your solar power system. Businesses may opt to take accelerated 5-year depreciation on the cost of the solar power system with the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery Systems, the total value of the system out of your gross income for the 5 year period, thereby lowering your tax liability for those 5 years.

If that option does not appeal to you, then you will be excited to discover that many states offer 15-20 year lease options for businesses to lease solar panels. The incentives are not available with this offer, but the benefits of more affordable and stable solar power are at their fingertips.

Save Money on Utilities and Maintenance

Alongside government incentive programs, solar power systems offer your company protection against rising utility rates. Your company’s operating costs will be reduced, overall, when using this system and will insulate your business from seasonal utility rate hikes and other annual increases.

Solar panels are also relatively low maintenance to maintain and operate. Solar power systems require virtually no maintenance to upkeep, provide stable power, and operate with no noise at all. Because solar panels are exposed to the elements and all manner of wind, rain, and snow, they are encased in protective tempered glass and non-corrosive aluminum frames. Because these panels experience very little breakdown over time, most solar panel companies offer up to 25-year full warranties.

Marketing Advantage

A little-known benefit of using a solar power system within your business is the marketing advantage. Solar power represents a commitment to efficiency, quality, and care for conservation. Being “green” and investing in future technologies helps to set you apart from your competitors. Renovating your company’s building(s) with solar power systems may even garner free media attention for your commitment to renewable energy. Marketing solar power with your building may also increase the likelihood of attracting investor attention.

Many businesses would be surprised and thrilled to find that solar power systems can be a massive asset to their company for many years to come. If you are considering your solar power options, get assistance from the real roofing experts and contact Preman Roofing for a consultation today.

Solar Roofing in San Diego

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