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Can you Install Solar Roofing on Condos?

Do you own a condo? Have you been dreaming of installing solar panels, but worry about all the hassle of getting approval from your HOA? You have nothing to fear, because effective January 1, 2018, a new law exists which allows you to install condo solar roofing without the hassle.

California Condo Owners Can Now Install Solar Panel Systems

Home solar roofing in San Diego just got a little sunnier. That’s because, as the solar revolution continues to grow, owners of condos lofts, and townhomes in California no longer need approval of HOAs (Homeowners Associations) to install solar roofing.

According to a New Law, HOAs Cannot Prohibit Solar Installations

The law applies if a condo owner wants to install home solar roofing in San Diego or other California location on their rooftop, adjacent garage, or carport. HOAs can no longer prohibit these, nor can they require a member vote for approval.

If, however, you want to install solar panels onto a common rooftop, garage, or carport, the condo owners might require a “solar site survey” before installation begins. This is a survey which determines the basic breakdown of usable space between all of the homeowners on the property.

The only time HOAs could deny installation of home solar roofing in San Diego or other parts of California is if the site survey determines that space allocation is impossible, or if “the solar system would be impractical.”

Condo Owner’s Responsibilities

Obviously, if you share a roof with your neighbor, you will need to notify them that you are planning to install home solar roofing in San Diego.
You may also be required to provide homeowner liability coverage.

In addition, you would be responsible for:

● The cost of damage to any common area as the result of the installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or replacement of the solar panels.
● The cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement of the solar panels.
● The restoration of all common areas and “separate interests” if the solar system is removed.
● Disclosing the solar installation to prospective buyers and anyone related to the property.

It’s Time to Buy-In

Solar is better, more powerful, and less expensive than ever. Also, whether you install solar panels as an individual or in shared space, everyone who installs home solar roofing in San Diego and other parts of California qualifies for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This allows the owner to use 30 percent of the cost of installing solar roofing as a tax credit, valid until 2020.

Solar Roof Benefits

Installing home solar roofing in San Diego reduces the cost of bills and saves money. Not only that, it provides your home with a consistent and reliable source of energy while reducing your carbon footprint. Home solar roofing in San Diego is low maintenance and increases the value of your property. More and more people are finding it is an all-around wise investment.

Why You Should Choose Preman Roofing Solar

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