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Which is the Right Commercial Solar Roofing Set-Up for your Business?

You’ve made the decision to go solar but now what? There are many things to consider as you look to install commercial solar roofing. Read on to learn what your options are for commercial solar roofing in San Diego and how to choose the right solar set up for your business.

Rooftop Solar

Most business are familiar with the typical roof-mounted solar panels as they are the fastest and easiest to install and make the most sense if there is a large roof space available that receives plenty of sunlight. If you are thinking this is the most sensible option for your business, ask yourself three key questions. First, does your roof top get enough direct sunlight? Is your roof strong enough to handle the solar panels? And finally, is your roof properly configured to get the best results from your solar panels? Your chosen solar provider can help you answer these questions and help you avoid any potential obstacles like rooftop air conditioning units, skylights or other obstructions.

Ground-Mounted Solar

If a roof top solar system can’t provide the energy your business needs, you might want to consider a ground-mounted solar unit. If you have unused land available, a ground-mounted system can be easily installed and maintained. You just need to take into consideration how far your lines run between the solar panels and the grid. This can add some expense to the project so make sure you know what you are getting into if you choose this option.

Solar Carports

Another option quickly gaining in popularity is solar carports. These steel structures have solar panels mounted to the top and can serve multiple purposes. In addition to the clean energy benefits, they also provide your employees with covered parking that keeps them protected from various weather conditions. This option is sometimes more expensive but can be a logical choice if your business doesn’t have the land or roof top capacity for solar panels.

Solar Roofing Incentives

The California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission created the Go Solar California campaign to advocate for energy conservation using renewable energy. Customers with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) are all eligible to apply for solar incentives.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing provides numerous benefits including reducing your energy bill and saving you money. It also provides a reliable, independent source of energy for your property. Panels reduce your carbon footprint and are minimal maintenance.

The Right Installation

Preman Roofing makes the solar panel installation process easy for its customers. It begins with a personalized consultation and ends with a smooth and efficient process where customers are involved every step of the way.

Preman Roofing guarantees the following:

● Guaranteed Timeline and Price
● Top Quality Roofing Materials
● Safe and Fully Insured Business
● All-Inclusive In-House Roofing Services
● Family-Owned with More Than 18 Years of Roofing Experience
● Highly-Trained Team of Roofing Specialists

Commercial Solar roofing in San Diego

Our Preman roofing technicians begin all services with a thorough roof evaluation. During this initial consultation, Preman roofers will assess the state of your roof and draft a customized service plan based on this evaluation.

For commercial roofing in San Diego, roofing technicians will spend extra time examining the structure and state of your roof. Preman roofing technicians have been extensively trained on top quality solar roofing products and services to ensure customers can enjoy a long-lasting energy efficient solution. Preman specially designs all solar roofing panels to align with the structure of the current roof. Solar roofing can be combined with other roofing services depending on the customer’s goals.

If you are interested in commercial solar panels for your business, call Preman today to schedule your consultation. Does your business need a new roof? Check out our San Diego commercial roofing services.

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