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At Preman Roofing-Solar, our roofing technicians provide specialized roofing servicesa> for our customers all over El Cajon and San Diego County. Despite the picturesque valley views, El Cajon possesses some extreme climate changes throughout the year that can wear down a roof. We strive to offer the top services to help our customers restore and maintain a fully functioning roofing system to protect their families. Over our 21 years of service, we have cemented our place as a trusted roofing company in San Diego County.

Roofing Services Offered:

Roof Replacement

We offer our roof replacement service to help maintain and protect the roofing structure. This service can range from small repairs to a full roof replacement installation.

Roof Repair

Our roofing specialists are specially trained to pinpoint and target damaged areas with ease. We utilize innovative techniques to efficiently repair roofs.

Roof Installation

We are a full-service roofing contractor and perform all roofing services including roof installation. Our roofing technicians carefully install roofs to ensure a structure that will last.

Solar Roofing

We tailor our solar roofing service and installation to the customer’s existing roof. Once solar panels are installed, customers will be able to stand as an independent source of energy.

Roof Maintenance

With regular scheduled maintenance, our customers can relax knowing their roofing structure is sound, safe and well maintained by our premier roofing technicians.

We begin all services with our roof evaluation to assess the current state of the customer’s roof. After a thorough roof evaluation, our roofing specialists will present a customized plan of potential repairs and beneficial roof services to consider. Once a plan has been finalized, the technician will spend time educating the customer on services chosen. We understand that servicing your home can cause a disruption and we strive to efficiently complete all jobs within the quoted timeline.

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