Whether you are a San Diego homeowner looking for new roof installation or a San Diego business owner interested in the new cool roof or “white roof”, Preman Roofing can help you to eliminate extra costs and start saving where it matters.

Our economy is in crisis and budgeting is more essential than ever to run a successful business or household. The question is where do we do the penny pinching and where do we splurge for quality?

We have all heard the saying you get what you pay for. Whether it’s electronics, household appliances or roofing the cheaper you go the greater chance that something is bound to break, leak or degrade within a short period of time. In which case, you have to replace it and end up spending twice as much as originally planned- there goes your budget. So what’s the catch? There is no catch, just irony. Spend more initially, save more in the long run, a lot more!

Preman Roofing is well known for our quality, honesty and professionalism. Although, you may be tempted by a lower biding competitor, you end up saving more in the long run due to our guarantee of quality and materials longevity.

Preman Roofing, founded by Aaron Preman in 1999 is a roofing company that specializes in two divisions of roofing: commercial and residential. Aaron’s roofing team comprises of highly skilled, efficient, neat and esteemed roofing professionals. San Diego roofer, Preman Roofing is known for their superior roofing quality as well as their professional demeanor.

Aaron Preman prides himself and his team of roofing professionals on their honest and ethical business tactics that have scored them such a high reputation throughout the residential and commercial communities over the past decade. Quiet, quick, clean, neat, and well mannered are not adjectives commonly associated with roofing professionals.

To Preman Roofing these characteristics are essential for the success of their success on your roof and in your home. To maintain the integrity of a successful business like Aaron Preman has run over the past many years one must enable a breed of tradesmen who not only possess a superior skill set but exhibit exceptional communication skills and uphold a professional disposition.

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