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Top 3 Benefits of San Diego Cool Roofs over Conventional Roofing

San Diego cool roofs have many advantages over regular hot style asphalt shingle roofing systems in many states including California.

Imagine you're walking across a black asphalt parking lot on a hot summer day. Feeling the heat? The asphalt spends all day absorbing heat from the sun, and that heat radiates upward, making a hot day feel even hotter. The same thing takes place on top of your roof throughout the summer, and with worse results leading to extreme discomfort for anyone inside your home.

The heat from the day radiates both ways: upward and down into your home! Switching to a coolroof with shingles that reflect rather than absorb the sun's energy can stop this heat transfer downward into your home’s living space, resulting in dramatically cooler, and more comfortable living environment.
Cool Roof Technology: Lighter Color Can Make Your San Diego Roof Cooler

It’s a fact that a coolroof results in lower cooling costs. As a general rule of thumb, the warmer the climate where you live, the more money you can save with a cool roof. A cool roofing system enables your roof to reflect sunlight and making it cooler inside your home. The US government is also pushing for a Green Initiative to see coolroof technology be implemented on more new homes.

With a San Diego cool roof roofing system, air conditioning units run shorter times so you should be seeing energy savings in the form of lower electricity bills. Another benefit: when people are cool and comfortable, they will be in a more pleasant mood. So in the best interest of family harmony be ready to convert your old hot roof into a new cool roof!
5 Major Advantages of Having a Cool Roof

  • A coolroof on your San Diego home reflects back the heat of the sun instead of absorbing the sun's hot energy inside your home making it more pleasant for its occupants.
  • Cool roofs have been proven to reduce your utility bills by an average savings of 7-15% in just cooling cost alone.
  • A San Diego coolroof on your home will be Green Initiative compliant with California.
  • Many coolroof systems are also eligible for the California Energy Rebate which can help to defray the cost of the roofing system installation making it a very economical roofing solution.
  • This may have a favorable reduction in your overall tax bill resulting in increased savings. See you tax consultant for more detailed information.

If you want to know what you will save you can calculate your savings on a cool roof by checking out the Department of Energy or the EPA's web sites that have calculators to show your real savings on a cool roof with your number input. Or you can contact the author for a free cool roof consultation.

The Bottomline: If you want to go green, save money and feel more comfortable in your home then you have every reason to consider to converting your roof to a San Diego cool roof.