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We've Got You Covered In Any Weather But... "When it Rains We Shine"®

Call Preman Roofing Today at: 619-276-1700

Preman Roofing, San Diego’s top roofing contractor, offers you a variety of cost effective new roof, roof repair solutions and services for your commercial and residential property.

A commercial roof covers and protects everything that is important to the safety and profitability of your business; inventory, equipment, employees, customers and the investment of the building itself.

Residential roofs cover and protect you, your family, belongings, memories that you've created and the physical investment of your real estate. As such, your roof should be one of the most important things to you as well.

Having an environment to go to each day that allows for a productive and profitable working atmosphere along with a home that is secure for everyone provides peace of mind and increases quality of life. Everyone needs a roof over their head - and it's important to make sure to care for the roof that covers you and your investment.

Most people put a roof over their head and then they forget about it. Your roof is just as important now - as it was the day you acquired it.

There is a misconception that once a new roof is installed, it requires no attention or maintenance. That is a large misunderstanding that can cost you in the long run; time, money, health and possibly your investment! Delay on maintenance can cause roof leaks, which can cause detrimental damages that may or may not be visible inside your commercial property or your home.

Poor roofing systems waste valuable energy and can cost you more to heat and cool your work place and home than needed. Outdated roofing materials can also be a fire hazard and lower the value of your property when you go to sell.

Preman Roofing,San Diego’s premiere roofing contractor, offers year round state of the art, cost effective roofing solutions for your San Diego Commercial Roof and San Diego Residential Roof. 

New roofing technology helps protect your home from the relentless ultraviolet light on your roof, especially during early afternoon hours and can reduce expenses for your home by making it more energy efficient.
Weight of rain, pollutants trapped in the water drops, wind gusts causing damage on old roof systems and toppling trees can all wreck havoc on your home.
Sea Salt
Coastal living means having sea salt particles in the air which can quickly
rust and deteriorate the strength and integrity of metals used in parts of your roofing system.
Damage to your roof can occur from direct flames or ash and soot that travel and landed on your home. Build
up of ash and soot can contribute to roofing system deterioration over time.

Commercial Roofing SystemsCOMMERCIAL ROOFS

Commercial roofing systems demand expert knowledge from a roofing contractor to ensure long term results in lowering roof maintenance costs, and prevention of roof leaks. Our company's excellent reputation and growth has been based on a foundation of three main core values: Honesty, Integrity and A Platinum Standard for Customer Service.

Today when it is increasingly difficult and frustrating trying to find quality workmanship in anything, our company's success has been built on a commitment to our core values and a commitment to our clients to provide the best work possible on every job. Preman Roofing is skilled in safely and expertly installing a variety of commercial roofing systems. We will work closely with you to determine the best system for your buildings. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial roof specialists. Request A Commercial Roof Quote



Cool roofs use an energy saving surfacing material which reflects the sun's heat away rather than transferring the heat to the building below. This can reduce the cooling costs for building that use air conditioning and for non-a/c buildings it helps to keep the interior cooler and more comfortable for the occupants.

Many systems are also eligible for the California Energy Rebate which can help to defray the cost of the roofing system installation making it a very economical roofing solution. To find out if a Cool Roof System is right for your building, contact us and we'll be glad show you how cost effective these roofs are. Request A Commercial Roof Quote


Residential Roofing Systems and Repair ServicesRESIDENTIAL ROOFS

Homes in Southern California are exposed to unique weather conditions that can have an effect on the condition your roof. Proper planning for a roof replacement and timeliness of roof repairs ensure that your roof will last for years to come and will protect your home in any climate condition.

Some people only think that you need to do roof work before it rains. In Southern California, our rainy season is not always the main concern for keeping your roof system strong and maintained. With state of the art technology crossing over into roofing materials, we have solutions to help your home look
beautiful, stay protected and provide energy efficiency under many inclement weather conditions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing experts. To find out how you can protect your home with the right roofing materials and maintenance.
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