Over the years solar roofing has become a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and accessible option. Its rise in popularity has caused many to wonder about the industry itself and how strong it is. Is this just another fad that will flicker and fade, or is solar roofing here for the long haul? For information directly from the expert solar roofing company in San Diego, Preman Roofing, get in touch with us so we can discuss
Installing solar roofing is a not just a forward-thinking idea—it may be more feasible than you thought. A solar roof installation in San Diego and other areas can help you reduce or eliminate energy bills, earn tax credits and rebates, and help the environment. Aside from the Federal Investment Tax Credit, “which allows you to claim a 30% credit on qualified equipment and installation expenditures,” the majority of states have their own solar programs. Benefits
The weather is getting colder, the clouds are rolling in, and we all know it’s only a matter of time before rain begins to fall. Now that the summer weather is behind us, it is time to think about maintenance tips for the seasons that are more hostile towards roofing. Preman Roofing can help you keep your roof in the best condition year round and is the go-to solar roofing company in San Diego. Inspection
Do you own a condo? Have you been dreaming of installing solar panels, but worry about all the hassle of getting approval from your HOA? You have nothing to fear, because effective January 1, 2018, a new law exists which allows you to install condo solar roofing without the hassle. California Condo Owners Can Now Install Solar Panel Systems Home solar roofing in San Diego just got a little sunnier. That’s because, as the solar
Installing metal roofs has become increasingly popular among homeowners over the past couple of years due to being eco-friendly and long lasting. It is not surprising then that those same homeowners are also looking into additional ways to be eco-friendly, like installing solar roofing. With solar roofing’s ability to use pure energy from the sun and combat greenhouse emissions, it is extremely beneficial to incorporate them into your home to help the environment as well
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Commercial solar roofing is on the rise and this trend is witnessing the transformation of efficiency, financial stability, and ethical conservation in the workplace. At Preman roofing, we offer complete rooftop solar solutions for any building, large or small. We are proud to talk about the variety of ways in which solar roofing can benefit you and give you endless energy for a fraction of the cost of traditional electrical energy methods. But since commercial
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Solar roofing was once reserved for the wealthy, but as technological advancements have been made on solar paneling and installation, it is more affordable now than ever. But just because something is affordable may not necessarily mean it is worth the time and investment. For any help you may need with home solar roofing in San Diego, be sure to contact Preman Roofing and take advantage of our personalized service and expertise in the roofing
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As the summer season sets in, so does the heat and the sunshine. During these extreme weather changes, it’s important to keep yourself and your property protected against the damaging rays of a hot sun. Heat waves can cause a lot of destruction to outside plants and materials and your roof is no exception. During the hottest months of the year, you might want to keep a closer watch than normal on the state of
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Which home repairs bring the biggest return on investment? While there is no straightforward rule, there are guidelines that apply to most homes. According to the National Association of Realtors Cost vs. Value Report, published in Remodeling Magazine, you can best improve the value of your home with these updates. Roofing Trends show that buyers shy away from homes if the roof needs to be replaced; so, installing a new roof opens your pool of
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More and more contractors are considering following new solar-ready design guidelines. What does solar-ready mean? These types of houses are designed and built with what the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy calls integrated electrical and mechanical features to streamline the process of adding solar roofing to your house. Read on to learn what your solar options are, how to get the biggest bang for your buck and how the best solar roofing company