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Our Solar Roofing Process

Our Solar Roofing Process

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At Preman Roofing-Solar, our entire team of roofing technicians are meticulously trained to handle all roofing services. We are a full-service roofing company that takes pride in performing all services in-house. We train our team to be armed with the expertise to help guide and educate our customers on our specialized solar roofing. We are proud to offer the leading solar roofing service for our customers in San Diego. Our roofing specialists will be involved throughout the entire process from conceptualization to installation.

Our Process

The Conceptualization

Once we receive a service request, we respond as promptly as we can to discuss the services needed with the customer. We have all customers fill out a project questionnaire and follow-up with a phone consultation to help our design team learn more about the desired improvements. Our team will then schedule a roof evaluation with the customer. During this appointment, the roofing specialist will thoroughly assess the state of the roof to ensure that the roof is a sound structure ready for installation.

Customized Solar Roofing Plan

We will then create a customized roofing plan detailing all possible services that may benefit your property. Once the services have been finalized with the customer, the roofing technician will spend time educating the customer on the services chosen. With our expertise, we can specially design the layout of the solar roofing panels to maximize the harvesting power of your solar roof.

The Meticulous Installation

Our company takes pride in installing our solar roof systems with the best products. During the installation process, we use the highest grade microinverters to collect, convert and send the energy that has been gathered. We understand that any roofing service may disrupt the lives of our customers, which is why we abide by a strict timeline guarantee. After the inverters are installed, we will carefully frame the area and install the solar panels. Our roofing technicians will comprehensively check the solar panels to ensure a proper installation.

To extend the life of the solar roof, we recommend that our customers invest in regular maintenance to keep solar panels running smoothly. For more information on our solar roofing process, contact our roofing experts today to book your consultation.

Preman Roofing started with Aaron Preman and has grown into one of the best family owned businesses in San Diego.