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Our Process

Preman Roofing-Solar has highly competent, dedicated and knowledgeable roof consultants and roof installers that will advise you on the proper services to achieve your goals for your property. We understand the nuances for each type of roofing system. Our experts will give you the confidence that your property's unique roofing system requirements will be met with options of high quality roofing products, state of the art materials and expert roof installations that are energy saving, beautiful, and affordable.

Preman Roofing-Solar makes your installation process as simple as possible to keep you in the loop and avoid any untimely miscommunications.

Step 1

Send us an email or call 619-458-3131 and speak with our Design Coordinator to determine how exactly we can help you with your request.

Step 2

Then complete our simple Project Questionnaire. The details you provide will help the Design team understand the needs of your project.

Step 3

Speak with our Experts. In an easy 30-minute phone consultation, we'll review the project scope and discuss your style & preferences to establish a general budget.

Step 4

After an appointment with one of our Estimate Specialists, a work confirmation will be generated and you will receive your Guaranteed Price.

Step 5

On your scheduled start date, construction begins and your project will be transformed in a few days!