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The Benefits of Going Solar for Commercial Roofing

The prices for commercial solar roofing have significantly decreased in recent years as a result of a greater efficiency in manufacturing and in the technology itself. Commercial solar panels have transitioned into practical and functional uses on buildings. Solar roofing installations are quickly becoming a greater investment prospect for commercial buildings.

Solar roof cost is one factor that you need to consider when looking for the best solar roofing experience.

Why Consider Solar Roofing?

• Prices have dropped enough to be financially advantageous
• Your business can lock in lower electricity costs
• Your business can therefore have more predictable electricity costs
• You might not need any upfront capital
• Many utilities need to hit RPS (renewable portfolio standard) goals and, in some cases, lower “peak time” generation costs
• Doing so can help your company achieve sustainability goals
• Energy independence: You can help yourself become energy independent through solar power since you will not need to rely on standard electricity.

With these solar roofing benefits, it’s hard to say no to installing a solar panel roof system on your commercial business.

Installation Prices are Decreasing

Prices are plunging for solar panel installations, which makes it a great time for your business to consider a new solar panel system. Due to efficient breakthroughs and efficient manufacturing, there is a lower material cost. Installation prices for commercial systems also are expected to fall and decrease each year that passes.

Installation prices, which include labor, margin and soft costs associated with permitting, inspection and interconnection, have been a challenge for the industry.

As the cost of commercial solar panels drops quickly, research contends that driving out the waste and inefficiencies related to installation will bring total systems costs down, cut the length of time for return on investment and bring solar power systems within reach of more companies. It is expected that we will continue to see increased efficiencies in the coming years.

Overall, such anticipated improvements would bode well for internal rates of return, which businesses use in capital budgeting to compare profitability of investments, for solar panels and help strengthen the industry.

Benefits of Having Solar Panels on Your Property

Companies can derive benefits from having solar power on their property, which is usually installed on the roof for the most efficient use of space:

• Power Purchase Agreements: Companies can enter into power purchase agreements in which the installer pays the costs to acquire, permit, install, finance and usually maintain, monitor and service the solar power system. The installer owns the system, has rights to the electricity generated and enjoys the tax benefits and rebates, if any. The company that owns the host property negotiates a set rate for electricity, typically a rate below current market, from the installer and gets the benefit of lower and more predictable energy bills.

• Leasing Roofs: Owners with eligible properties, usually those of a certain size with roofs that are relatively new, may also lease their roofs to utilities.

Preman Roofing

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