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How to Best Prepare your Home for an Earthquake

Frequent shocks remind us that earthquakes can strike at any time and, often, without warning. Everyone talks about the “big one” giving us the shakeup of a lifetime, so it’s best to prepare your home now for a potential earthquake. If your home is in need of major or minor repairs, then it is important to start implementing changes as soon as possible. Read on for how to make your home safer and best prepare your home for an earthquake.

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Walls, Attic, and Roof Repair

If your home has a chimney, it is best to adhere plywood to the ceiling around the chimney to protect from falling bricks. For walls, make sure mirrors, painting, and photographs are anchored in studs, not simply hanging from the wall. If possible, remove heavy mirrors and items hanging overhead to avoid any accidents. If your roof is in dire need of repair, it is important to repair any weak spots and reinforce the roof integrity.

Hanging Lights and Gas Appliances

Reinforce and anchor any hanging lights, plants, and other objects in wood beams. Close any hooks by bending them shut with pliers or wrapping them with wire. If the gas tubing which carries gas to your appliances is rigid, replace it with corrugated metal connectors instead as they are not as likely to break under severe shaking.

Bookshelves and Wall Units

Utilize L-shaped braces to anchor bookshelves, wall units, cabinets, and other tall furniture to the walls. Make sure they have been screwed into studs and employ guardrails for precarious shelving. Remove any heavy items from the top of furniture and shelves.

Kitchen and Dining

In your kitchen and dining rooms, install latches to cupboards and cabinets. Child latches are a great affordable option for securing cabinet doors without disrupting their appearance. Small pieces of adhesive or putty are ideal for keeping collectibles in place in delicate china cabinets. Restrain large appliances such as refrigerators with straps or hooks.

Gas Leak Primer

It is important to know where your gas leak primer is. It may be at the side or under your house, in a crawlspace, cellar, basement, or near the garage or porch. Locate your shut-off valve and ensure it is within arm’s reach. Make sure you have a gas shut-off wrench at your disposal; it can be tied to the meter with wire for convenience and ready access. You may also consider installing an automatic shut-off valve.

Emergency Supply Kit

Employ the use of a footlocker or large trash can to store emergency food supplies, water, batteries, flashlights, candles, a portable radio, first aid kit, water purification tablets, blankets, extra clothing and shoes, and items for personal hygiene. Other items you may consider storing include a fire extinguisher, wrenches, charcoal, an axe, hammers, rope, gloves, and maps.

It may take some time to adequately prepare your home for a natural disaster, especially an earthquake, but it is a worthy undertaking. With the right preparations and supplies, you will be ready when the next quake hits and your home will be in the best shape to withstand tremors.

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