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Designing Your House for Solar Roofing

More and more contractors are considering following new solar-ready design guidelines. What does solar-ready mean? These types of houses are designed and built with what the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy calls integrated electrical and mechanical features to streamline the process of adding solar roofing to your house. Read on to learn what your solar options are, how to get the biggest bang for your buck and how the best solar roofing company in San Diego can help you go green affordably.

Design Impact

Building a house to make it solar-ready impacts several areas of potential design, including:

● The orientation and pitch of the roof.
● The layout of roof vents and chimneys.
● The load bearing specifications of the roof.
● Specific roof mounting points for the solar panels.
● The installation of electrical conduit from the main panel to the roof.
● Circuit breaker and main panel specifications.
● Additional space near the main electrical panel for other solar equipment.

As builders look to integrate these considerations into housing design, home owners can benefit from a seamless integration of adding solar to their new home.

Solar Roofing Incentives

The California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission created the Go Solar California campaign to advocate for energy conservation using renewable energy. Customers with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) are all eligible to apply for solar incentives.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing provides numerous benefits including reducing your energy bill and saving you money. It also provides a reliable, independent source of energy for your property. Panels reduce your carbon footprint and are minimal maintenance. Solar panels are minimal maintenance, increase your home’s value and can give you great curb appeal. And single-family residences aren’t the only housing that can benefit from solar roofing. Condo and apartment complexes can also be designed and built with solar in mind so the benefits of solar can be experienced by even more condo owners and renters. Existing condo and apartment complexes can look to add solar when having other roofing services done.

The Right Installation

Preman Roofing, the top solar roofing company in San Diego, makes the solar panel installation process easy for its customers. It begins with a personalized consultation and ends with a smooth and efficient process where customers are involved every step of the way.

Preman Roofing guarantees the following:

● Guaranteed Timeline and Price
● Top Quality Roofing Materials
● Safe and Fully Insured Business
● All-Inclusive In-House Roofing Services
● Family-Owned with More Than 18 Years of Roofing Experience
● Highly-Trained Team of Roofing Specialists

The Preman Process

The Preman roofing technicians begin all services with a thorough roof evaluation. During this initial consultation, Preman roofers will assess the state of your roof and draft a customized service plan based on this evaluation.

For solar roofing services, roofing technicians will spend extra time examining the structure and state of your roof. Preman roofing technicians have been extensively trained on top quality solar roofing products and services to ensure customers can enjoy a long-lasting energy efficient solution. Preman specially designs all solar roofing panels to align with the structure of the current roof. Solar roofing can be combined with other roofing services depending on the customer’s goals.

If you are interested in solar installation in San Diego, call Preman today to schedule your consultation.

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