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Does Where You Live Affect Your Eligibility to Receive Solar Roofing?

Installing solar roofing is a not just a forward-thinking idea—it may be more feasible than you thought. A solar roof installation in San Diego and other areas can help you reduce or eliminate energy bills, earn tax credits and rebates, and help the environment.

Aside from the Federal Investment Tax Credit, “which allows you to claim a 30% credit on qualified equipment and installation expenditures,” the majority of states have their own solar programs.

Benefits of Going Solar in California


California’s HERO Financing Program

The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Financing Program offers solar financing options that allow for repayment through special assessments on property taxes.

California Property Tax Exemptions

California has a Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems: “Property tax exclusion for 100% of the solar energy system’s value is available for certain types of systems installed between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2024.”

If you live in sunny California, solar installations are exempt from property tax. That alone will add several thousand dollars to the value of your house. If you count the reduction of your electricity bill adding up to $1000 per year, you have just increased your home value by $20,000! And—none of that new value will be taxed, either!

The California Solar Initiative (CSI)

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) was created in 2006 by the CA legislature, under strong support from then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governator had a vision of putting solar roofing on 1 million residential and commercial buildings throughout the state.

By 2014, the program’s initial target of supporting nearly 2,000 megawatts of projects by 2016 had been exceeded by hundreds of megawatts. In those eight years, “nearly all available incentives” had been exhausted, and the program was ended two years early.

“But unlike in other regions, installers in California are not closing their businesses or complaining about the end of the solar market as incentives disappear. Instead, they’re installing projects in record numbers.”

“The program ended with a whimper. The California Solar Initiative did exactly what it was supposed to do,” said Bill Stewart, the president of SolarCraft, a solar installer based in Northern California.

Solar Roof Installation in San Diego County


The San Diego County Go Solar program is a public-private partnership of the County of San Diego and the commercial banking industry. The program offers loans to property owners at attractive rates/terms for the purpose of making energy efficiency and/or solar energy improvements to homes or businesses in San Diego County.

The Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes Program (SASH)

This incentive is only available for lower-income families. To qualify, you will be defined as lower-income if you earn 80 percent or below of the median San Diego family income and you also live in a home that is classified as affordable housing. If this describes your situation, you may be able to get a rebate that covers the entire cost of your solar system! The size of the solar rebate is based on your particular income level. You can read about this incentive at the Grid Alternatives website.

Other California Cities with Solar Initiatives


Glendale Solar Solutions

Glendale Water and Power’s Solar Solutions Incentive Program is a lottery system that offers a select few a rebate of $1.39/Watt on up to 50% of the system cost. The application window for the lottery is very short, so check their website and stay on top of the dates.

Pasadena Solar Initiative

The Pasadena Solar Initiative from Pasadena Water and Power “offers $0.30/Watt on systems between 1 kW and 100 kW through their expected performance-based buydown option.”


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission GoSolarSF rebate is available to San Francisco Bay Area residents. “The basic rebate is $500-$2,000 based on system size. Additional considerations can boost the adder considerably. Another $100-$800 is available for specific zip codes under the Environmental Justice rebate rate structure. If the solar installer is San Francisco based, there is an additional $250-$700, and those residents who qualify as low income may receive an added $2,000-$7,000 incentive.”

Energy bills in California are among the highest in the country. Considering all the incentives available, solar roof installations look more attractive now than ever.

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