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Is Solar Roofing Worth It?

San Diego Roofing and Solar

Solar roofing was once reserved for the wealthy, but as technological advancements have been made on solar paneling and installation, it is more affordable now than ever. But just because something is affordable may not necessarily mean it is worth the time and investment.

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Save On Your Electricity Bill

The biggest advantage of investing in solar roofing is the savings that come with it. However, there are many scenarios where solar paneling may not be saving you enough to make the switch worthwhile. In areas of the country that charge more for electricity, you will benefit immensely from changing to solar roofing, such as Massachusetts that has a 21 cent per kilowatt hour fee, which is 70% higher than the national average. On the other side, if you live somewhere like Kentucky, which is below the national average for electricity, you will need to crunch the numbers and make certain that the investment is worth it. Although solar roofing offers the ability to save a ton on your electricity bill, you also need to factor in how much energy you are consuming and what the fee for consumption is in your area.

Installation Costs

The biggest deterrent for most is the cost of implementing solar roofing into your home. There are many factors you should consider when researching this cost. First, is your home location optimal for reaping the most reward from transitioning to a solar roof? Take into account how much sun your roof receives during the day and how often the climate is cloudy. Solar roofing is only as good as the amount of sun that it can use to create energy.

Second, do you trust your roofing company to sell you a good quality solar roof and install it correctly? There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of money on something that should make your life easier, but all you get are headaches and inconveniences. Be sure to do your research: look at reviews, ask for referrals from friends, and set up an appointment with your potential company.

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Third, does the roofing company offer any financing options? Because solar roofing is such a large purchase, it would be financially prudent to utilize one of these options.

Financial Incentives for Adopting Solar Roofing

If you are deciding whether to lease or buy solar panels, finding out whether your state offers financial incentives for buying may make the choice much easier. Many states, such as California, offer some type of incentive. This usually comes in the form of a tax deduction. Whether this tax credit is a one-time deduction or year-to-year is dependent on the state, but you should factor this into the overall cost.

So, is getting solar roofing worth it? The answer is, in most cases, yes! Keep in mind, the advantage of adopting this technology is completely dependent on your climate, the electricity rates of your state, the financial incentives available to you, and your personal electricity consumption habits. The answer to this question may different for some, but as electricity consumption becomes more of a hot topic, investing in solar roofing is becoming more and more beneficial.

The only way to truly know whether solar roofing is worth it for you is to calculate how much electricity you consume and compare that with what you will save. Not everyone is an expert on electricity consumption, so be sure to consult with someone who is; our staff at Preman Roofing can help you calculate your savings accurately and make the decision much easier for you. Set up an appointment with Preman Roofing, your San Diego roofing experts, to find out whether solar roofing in San Diego is right for you.