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Just How Strong is the Solar Roofing Industry?


Over the years solar roofing has become a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and accessible option. Its rise in popularity has caused many to wonder about the industry itself and how strong it is. Is this just another fad that will flicker and fade, or is solar roofing here for the long haul? For information directly from the expert solar roofing company in San Diego, Preman Roofing, get in touch with us so we can discuss your options for cost-effective solar roofing solutions.

Growth Statistics

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Coming in at $42 million in revenue back in 2007, solar roofing has grown to $210 million as of 2017, and accounts for one quarter of new power plant capacity installed in 2017. Although this upward trend is predicted to continue to grow over the upcoming years, recent trade tariffs and changes to the tax code can potentially have an effect on the growth statistics. However, regardless of the political changes in the industry, the seemingly endless benefits are unrivaled. The solar roofing industry also outshines in employment compared to other industries that produce energy. Find out more information from Preman Roofing, the best solar roofing company in San Diego.


According to The Conversation, “The industry directly or indirectly employs about 370,000 people in the United States.” This statistic is significant, especially compared to other relevant industries, such as the coal industry that supports around 160,000 jobs. They go on to site that the solar PV installer is also the fastest growing job in the nation, and makes up half of the total solar roofing industry workforce. However, because the majority of solar panel production takes place outside the United States, the only increase in the workforce we will see is for installers. Even if many of the foreign manufacturers of solar paneling open United States factories, most of the production will be automated. This outsourcing has created cheaper prices for consumers and a higher demand, so the workforce of installers can increase.

Strongest Areas of the United States for the Solar Roofing Industry

There are two different types of solar generating areas in the United States: capacity owned by the power companies and small-scale, consumer capacity. The larger projects that are controlled by the power companies make up more than half of the overall power generating capacity in the country. The other estimated 40% power generated is spread among homes, retail shops, and community projects. California is the largest producer of solar electricity, which produces over four times more than the second producing state, which is Arizona. Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota are the lowest producing states.

Consumers and Solar Roofing

Although solar roofing has become more affordable as time goes on, it is still quite an investment that many homeowners may see as an obstacle. Many communities are offering incentives or subsidies for residents who install solar paneling, which could make the total cost much lower. Also, many neighborhoods have networks allowing neighbors to share electricity. Any solar electricity produced by a home that isn’t used can be given to other homes in the neighborhood in exchange for credits to the household’s electricity bill. Also, the more reliant that a community is on solar energy, the less dependent they are on orthodox electricity companies; this passes along savings to the rest of the community since the electricity company can not justify raising the utility price. Although the solar tariffs are crating more of a barrier to those wanting to use solar energy, the large companies are really only the ones that will see any change. The homeowner consumers will be essentially unaffected by this, so that is good news for those looking into solar roofing.

Solar Roofing Company in San Diego

The solar roofing industry has been in a position of growth for a long time and the benefits speak for themselves. If you are interested in using the best solar roofing company in San Diego for your home, contact Preman Roofing today.