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How the Proper Roofing Saves You Tons in Energy Bills

There has been a lot more focus on energy consumption in homes in the last few years, especially with ever ongoing green efforts within the government and amongst the public to improve eco-friendliness and to preserve the rich beauties of Mother Earth.

When it comes to houses and homes, continued attempts to promote energy efficiency have persisted and thoroughly progressed in recent decades. One of the portions of the home particularly focused on is the roofing and insulation, which are both integral parts of any building’s overall level of energy efficiency. Having a proper roof maintenance plan ensures savings in the long run.

Because the roof is one of the larger components of a home’s envelope (i.e. the external barrier of a building that is exposed to outside elements), its quality and integrity are vital in determining how energy efficient it ends up being. Any roof’s ability to maintain energy efficiency depends entirely on the initial installation, the types of roofing materials used, and the types of insulation and ventilation within the attic. Improper use of roofing materials, insulation, and ventilation can substantially hike up energy costs.

Benefits of a Proper Roof Maintenance Plan, Venting, and Insulation

• Added value to home upon resale
• More reliable safety and shelter to protect from disasters
• Prevents heat loss and/or heat gain by efficiently containing conditioned air
• Elimination of troubles that come with roof leaks
• Saves money on monthly utility costs as well as on insurance costs

Improvements and Upgrades to Consider Saving Energy and Money

New Insulation

When poor insulation is replaced with newer high-quality insulation, it can drastically improve a home’s energy efficiency levels. In fact, some insulation types are so effective at mitigating heat loss or heat gain that the heating or cooling systems will not kick in until outside temperatures have reached a certain level. Without the regular and continuous use of heating or cooling, monthly utility costs will drastically decrease.

Energy-Saving Roofing Materials

Selecting the correct roofing materials can help mitigate heat loss and heat gain in your home while carefully considering which roofing materials are right for you is also key (i.e. shingles).
There are a slew of new roofing materials and design technologies on the market that can maximize energy efficiency. Try modern roof replacements, which consider any home’s design, along with the local climate, to provide the exact and correct type of roofing for any given situation.

Improved Roofing Ventilation or Underlayment

A bunch of new roof underlayment products are available that are designed to last longer and provide greater moisture protection over time. When making an investment in roofing repairs and installation, installing new synthetic underlayment provides the home further protection from condensation and moisture damage.

Let Us Help!

There are, of course, various factors to consider when constructing a roof maintenance plan that are often completely unique to your home and location, including area climate, age of home, as well as the design of the home, including roof pitches, direct sun or shade, vent layout, among other things. Still, a professionally installed roofing system from a trusted manufacturer can and will help you significantly reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

If you need to have your roof replaced, now is the perfect time! Contact Preman Roofing, a roof and solar contractor with over almost twenty years of experience who has installed over 20,000 roof and solar systems. With American made products and the best warranty in the industry, Preman continues to offer customers unparalleled service and the best possible results.

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