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Roofing to Increase Real Estate Sales

The current real estate market is a tumultuous business, with foreclosures on the rise and properties that have been languishing on the market for months and even years. Sellers must be vigilant, creative and steadfast in their resolve to sell a home in a down market. Some home sellers stage their property by adding furniture, carpet and interior design to spruce things up and hopefully find a buyer. One method of home improvement that is superior to others when it comes to selling a home in a slower real estate market is exterior remodeling.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), reports that of the many remodeling projects performed by eager sellers, exterior remodeling has the highest return on investment. Landscaping, roofing, painting and building structures like patios and fences average around the country at over eighty percent return on investment. On the other hand, remodeling on the inside of a home like replacing fixtures, painting, cabinets, new tile or carpet at the most has a seventy percent return on investment.

This information posted by the NAR by no means suggests sellers should neglect interior remodeling altogether, simply that sellers should prioritize to keep them competitive in the market. Sellers should make sure their rain gutters, walls, roof and landscaping are all aesthetically pleasing before they embark in projects to fix up the interior of a home to maximize potential for a sale. Curb appeal will help seal the deal!

Exterior remodeling has only become popular in recent years. With hundreds and even thousands of properties available in certain desired locations, buyers have more to choose from than ever. The standards for the look and price of a home are at historic highs and buyers are not easily impressed and this puts more emphasis on the quality of homes on the market. First impressions are key. Having poor exterior design can be a quick deal breaker.

As the market begins to turn around, this advice is still sound. People who have been waiting to buy now have affordable opportunities again on the horizon. With roofing being 50% of your homes’ exterior appearance, landscaping 20%, paint 20% and windows 10% of the visual impact it pays to make the first impression that shows the value of your home with a new roof.

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