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Spring Cleaning Roof Cleaning Checklist

That time of the year is rapidly approaching, and homeowners across the nation are getting ready for some major cleanups. If you’re in the mood for some much-needed Spring cleaning, you are likely making a list of all the areas in your home that you need to touch up on: The bedrooms, the kitchen, even the outside garden.

But what about the roof?

Our friendly team of professionals at Preman Roofing want to remind you that it’s important to clean your roof during this time of the year. Giving your roof routine checkups can prevent issues down the road and keep your roof healthy for years and years to come. To get you started on your Spring cleaning inspiration, here is a quick roof cleaning checklist for you to go by so that you can clean your roof to the fullest extent.

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1. Trim the Branches

First, you’ll want to take care of your exterior parameters. Your trees can become overgrown, casting large shadows on your roof. This is less than ideal, especially if you have solar roofing panels. Plus, hanging branches are dangerous hazards as they can fall and cause damage to your roofing system.

It’s best to get these branches trimmed as soon as possible so that you can avoid having to clean up a bad mess afterward.

2. Clean the Gutters

This is one of the most tedious parts of your spring cleaning routine, but also one of the most essential. Throughout the year, your gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris that has been actively moving for the past 365 days. When your gutters become clogged, they may not work as well. When the rain starts to fall, this can be very problematic.

Clogged gutters won’t be able to properly transport rainwater away from your roof and home. They can become overfilled with water, which will not only ruin parts of your home, but will also ruin the gutters themselves. Galvanized materials will turn to rust, and you’ll have a large mess on your hands. This is why it’s integral that you clean out your gutters thoroughly and completely before the rainy season starts!

3. Clean the Attic

The attic may not seem like part of your roof, but it is very well connected. You can think of your attic as the interior of your roof, where any signs of damage can become evident. Take a good look at your attic to see if there are any visible signs of wear, tear, water damage, or mold. If you smell mildew or see mold, you know that you have a leakage problem.

While you’re in the attic, you can spend time cleaning it up as well. You may need to ensure that you can easily access this part of your home to take care of any of the aforementioned problems.

4. Look for Loose Shingles

From the ground, you can look at your roof to see if there are any signs of loose shingles or roof flashings. Shingles that are loose can be thrown into the air next time there is a storm or a lot of wind. This will destroy the structure of your roof, making your entire interior exposed to the elements.

If you noticed anything that is loose, or if your flashing is tearing away from the roof, you should contact a professional right away. Never climb on to the roof itself, as it is too dangerous for you to do alone.

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