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Commercial Solar Panels San Diego

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At Preman Roofing-Solar, we offer the leading commercial solar power roofing service in San Diego and surrounding cities. Our commercial solar power services will maximize your energy efficiency and decrease your business's electric bill. We have meticulously trained our solar roofing technicians on all our top quality commercial solar panels roofing products, solar installation process and solar technology maintenance service. We specialize in customized solar panel design for our customers for any size commercial property.

Advantages of Solar Roofing

  • Increase the value of your property by investing in solar roofing.
  • Stand alone as an independent and reliable source of clean energy.
  • The Go Solar California program and the California Public Utilities Commission offers incentives for customers that invest in commercial solar power.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels by limiting the gas emissions produced by the property with solar roofing.
  • Enjoy minimal maintenance solar roofing for your commercial building.

Our roofing specialists will perform a thorough roof evaluation to determine the state of the roof during the initial consultation. We guarantee our work and strive to ensure that your roof is in top shape before we start installing solar panels. In this effort, a service plan may be drafted with potential services your property may require before solar panel installation. Once the plan is cemented, the solar energy technician will spend time educating the customer on their selected solar service and financing options.

What is Preman Solar Roofing?

  • A combined roof and solar penetration warranty. All solar penetrations are waterproofed under one manufacturer backed roof warranty.
  • Our new commercial roof can increase your solar energy efficiency up to 10% with certain roof applications.
  • A lower upfront investment, our roofers are cross-trained to install the solar stands and panels. Reduces truck rolls, labor, hard and soft costs.
  • Highest quality roofing and solar materials.
  • Have your roof become your own utility company by installing solar power
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Receive Federal Tax Credit, State Tax Credit, and Deprecation
  • We have highly competitive solar financing with $0 money out of pocket for almost all commercial properties.

We Proudly Have Commercial Solar Solutions for All:









We carefully consider the structure of the roof when designing the layout to maximize the harvesting power of the solar panels. At Preman Roofing-Solar, we use the highest quality microinverters to efficiently convert the gathered energy for your property. We will then coordinate the roof preparation for the solar panel installation. Once the commercial solar panels are installed, our roofing experts will assess the panels to guarantee their functionality through necessary tests and an overall comprehensive check on commercial solar energy and electricity. Our Commercial Solar Systems come with Solar monitoring to track the energy performance.

Why Choose Preman Roofing-Solar for Commercial Solar Installation?

  • Guaranteed Timeline and Costs
  • Top Quality Roofing and Solar Materials
  • Safe and Fully Insured Business
  • All Inclusive In-House Roofing and Solar Services
  • Family Owned Business
  • Years of Experience in the Solar Industry Being Established in 1999
  • Highly Trained Team of Roofing Specialists
  • Solar Energy Systems Bring a Large Return on Investment
  • Renewable Energy Source is Eco-Friendly
  • B General Contractor
  • Solar Ground Mounts
  • Solar CarPorts
  • Energy Storage
  • Demand Savings

Not only will you be able to address rising energy costs with a new solar energy system, you are also taking care of the environment by opting for a renewable energy resource. If you’re hesitant to hire a commercial rooftop solar panel system installer, California has recently signed a new bill offering financing options to adapt solar energy as their building’s renewable source. The bill allows areas of San Diego to install solar panels with no upfront costs. To see if you’re eligible, contact Preman Roofing-Solar today. Whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner, or both, we can provide the solar energy system you need.

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