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Home & Residential Roof Installation

Preman Roofing offers the top residential new roof installation service in San Diego. For over 21 years, our team of roofing specialists have mastered and perfected home roof installation.

We use the highest grade roofing materials to ensure the longevity of your new solar roof. Our highly trained team of roofing technicians complete each job with unparalleled workmanship and commitment. Experience the best in roofing services with Preman Roofing-Solar.

Benefits of a New Roof:

  • High Return on Investment (ROI): A new roof is one of the top investments you can make on your home.
  • Cut Utility Bills: By installing a new roof, you can avoid letting energy slip through the cracks of the old roof.
  • Health: Replacing a roof will help keep your family healthy by avoiding any mold or mildew growth on the wood shake.
  • New Roofing Materials: New and innovative roofing materials are developed each year. When you invest in a new solar roof, you invest in more efficient materials.
  • Property Value: The value of your property will immediately increase as you install a new roof.
  • Safety: Keep your family safe as you eliminate all the hazards and water damage of a leaky roof.

We preface all installation and repair services with a thorough consultation and inspection of the area. During this initial consultation, our roofing specialists will perform an inspection on your current type of roof and determine a course of action for the area. Once we create and set an installation plan, our roofing technicians will get right to work on the roof framing. Our team works efficiently to stick to the guaranteed timeline. We believe in transparency and involve our customers in every step of the installation process.

At Preman Roofing, we value getting the job done right the first time around. Attention to detail, patience on the job and the ability to work well together to enable our team to install a type of roof system that is guaranteed to last, protect your home from high winds, and easily enhance your home's curb appeal. Whether you are building a home from the ground up, putting an addition to your home, or simply ready to update your roof system entirely, our team delivers the look and safety you’ve always wanted for your roof. By hiring a roofer, you will improve energy efficiency and ventilation in your home. Prolong the life of your new quality roof with our regular roof maintenance service.

Contact us to learn more about our premier home roof installation and other quality roofing services. Book your consultation and roof inspection with our roofing specialists today and get a free estimate on the cost of your type of roof. 

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