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Residential Roofing Products

Choosing the right type of residential roofing materials is made easy with the help of Preman Roofing-Solar Consultants.

Our consultants guide you through all the roofing material options such as the style, features and color of your home. When you need to repair your roof, we can easily match the current roof materials of your home. If it is time to replace your roof, Preman Roofing-Solar has an abundance of styles and materials to choose from.

The architecture of your home can be accentuated with the beauty of a new roof. Below you will find a variety of roofing system options to choose from. Need help selecting the perfect roof for your home?

Residential Roofing Products


Pitched Roof Products


Economical Traditional Asphalt Three Tab Shingles

The traditional asphalt three tab shingles are great for sheds, exterior patio porch covers, and when you are on a very basic budget for your home. These shingles have a 20 year Manufacturers Warranty. They offer a traditional look and come in a variety of colors to compliment your home. The style of the shingles is flat and they are the most economical form of protection for your home. They are great for most homes however they are not recommended in high wind areas.


Residential roof shingles


Asphalt Composition Shingle: Decorator Shingles

Decorator asphalt composition shingles are the most common roofing product installed in the residential roofing market. Choose from many different styles and profiles for a designer look of asphalt shingles. There are differences in thickness and color choices of the shingles.

Creating depth with a variance of colors, the different thicknesses create a dramatic three dimensional effect giving your home style and increasing curb appeal. You can easily create a look that compliments your home with a variety of choices.

Dimensional muted color blends provide a softer look and offer and economical options to the traditional three tab shingles.


asphalt decorator shingles


Luxury Shingles

For the homeowner that values quality and style, luxury shingles create an instant impression of attention to details and appreciation for the finer things in life. When you value quality with distinction, luxury shingles deliver the look you desire.

There are many styles of luxury shingles. They replicate the true look of slate, wood and are a more economical approach to achieving your look without the cost of genuine slate and wood. Luxury shingles are low maintenance. They have special elements in the material that protect your roof against streaking and discoloration that occur with the natural residential roofing products making them easy to take care of.

Luxury shingles have multiple layers of weather protection for your home. They are the heaviest shingles produced for residential homes. They have the longest life expectancy and come with a 50 year warranty. Whether your home has a Colonial, Victorian or Contemporary look, luxury shingles have an architectural design that easily compliments your style.


luxury residential shingles





Shingle varieties for resident roof





Tile Roofs

Tile roofs have been around for centuries. They were used long before asphalt tiles. For homeowners who enjoy a discerning taste of the natural 'earth' elements, tile roofs are a way to go. Tile roofs are traditionally known as a durable, long-lasting, quality decorative roofing material choice. If your home is in a tiled-roof home neighborhood, Preman Roofing-Solar offers a variety of tile roof options to upgrade the elegance of your home.

Concrete Tile: New innovations in concrete have made the look of traditional clay tiles available to homeowners who want more durability and economical choice for their roof tiles. These tiles are made out of concrete and give you the same look as clay tile. You can choose from a variety of standard and premium colors to compliment the look of your home.

One benefit of concrete tile is that you can enjoy the beautiful look of clay with a fraction of the weight - since not all homes can support the weight of clay tiles. The concrete tiles that Preman Roofing-Solar offers come in both light and standard weight tiles. If you are a homeowner who is looking to increase curb appeal and home value then choose a concrete tile. You'll enjoy their durability, affordability and warranty.

Some concrete tiles are energy efficient and earth friendly. Ask your Preman Product specialist about them today.


Concrete tiles


Flat Tile: Flat Smooth tile offers clean lines that compliment a contemporary design. Also made of concrete these tiles offer a modern look and all the benefits of affordability, durability, low maintenance and unique colors to choose from.


residential roof tiles


flat tiles


Flat Textured Tile: An alternative to Shake Wood Roofs. If you love the look of Shake roofs, these flat textured tiles are safer in high risk burn areas and eliminates the high maintenance of weather damage to wood shakes. They are one of the many choices of roof tiles for your home that are also made of concrete.


flat textured tiles


High Profile 'S' tiles and Low Profile 'S' tiles for Pitched Roof Homes: Also made out of concrete, these tile alternatives are perfect for homes that have a Spanish, Mediterranean or Italian look to them. They offer the same beauty as clay tiles but have all the benefits concrete tiles offer. They can be lighter weight, are more economical, and are more durable than some clay tiles.


high profile s roofing tiles

High Profile 'S' Tiles


low profile s roofing tiles

Low Profile 'S' Tiles


Authentic Clay Tiles: For the discerning homeowner that values prestige and elegance, authentic clay tiles create a roof that is unsurpassed in quality and distinction.

There is no substitute for the style of Authentic Two -Piece Mission Roofing Tile. Pure, elegant and made only from clay, Preman Roofing-Solar offers a selection of authentic clay tiles with a unique color palette of all natural earth tones and blends.

We specialize in many different clay tile installations and offer complete customization of your clay tile roof. From the color of the mud, to the depth of the mortar, the boosted tiles, your personal choice of a bird stop and your choice of color palette and the pattern of the tiles - you have the opportunity to work directly with our Preman Roofing-Solar Specialist to design the roof that is truly an art masterpiece for your home.


authentic clay home roof tiles


Residential Low Slope or Flat Roof Products

Got a rock roof? We have an alternative for a home where shingles are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Heat Welded is a 'smooth slate granulated finish' available in a variety of common colors similar to the colors in the composition shingle range. Pre-manufactured and ready to go, this style of flat roof material eliminates the traditional 'hassle and smell' of a kettle tar roof. Heat Welded roofs have superior adhesion. This is the most economical way to re-roof a home that has had a rock roof. If you are frustrated with the continuous movement of the rock off the roof and into your gutters, gardens and grounds this lighter weight roof option for low slope roof style homes is a perfect choice.

Decorative Rock Roofs:

If you've had water ponding issues with traditional rock roofs but like the look and cost benefit of this style, our decorative rock choices are great for replacing existing rock roofs or other flat roof materials. A Decorative rock roof is a built up roofing system that dissipates water allowing faster evaporation so you do not have water puddling on your flat roof .

Upgrade the aesthetics of your home with a variety of standard or specialty color options, stone styles and shapes to increase the durability and the eye appeal of your home. Contact your Preman Roof Specialist today to discover what choices are available for your home.

Additional Home Roof Products

Insulation for Residential Roofs

Insulations for roofs are available in many styles: rigid, rolled and blown-in.

Rigid; insulates against heat, cold and noise. Used where there is no attic space-great for open beam, cathedral and vaulted ceilings. For your rooms with hard to control temperatures because your roof does not have attic space, this special insulation goes under the roof system of your choice. You'll easily see a more climate-controlled room once you install rigid insulation.

Blown-in; where you have attic space available, blown-in insulation comes in a variety of desired thickness to protect against the heat, cold, and noise. When you re-roof your home, now is the time to blow in extra insulation. There's little or no disturbance interruption to your home and personal life when blowing in new or extra insulation. The ideal time to blow in insulation is when you are doing a roof replacement. This is a better and more cost-effective way to increase your insulation protection than the traditional rolled in layers of protection. Rolled in; known for years as the standard for insulating your attic, rolled insulation is also available at Preman Roofing. Consult with our specialists to determine if rolled in or blown-in insulation is best for your home insulation needs.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts are needed by any home that gets rained on. They stop erosion and prevent premature damage to gardens, concrete, and even lowers roof lines if you have a multi-level roof home. When your home is missing gutters it can cause permanent staining of your stucco by the wet ground dirt and soil hitting the walls when it rains. The gutters collect the rainwater that falls off the edge of your roofline and moves that water away from the walls of your home through the downspouts. The protection properly working gutters and downspouts offer prevents fascia rot and keeps water away from the foundation thus helping to eliminate the potential for costly repairs to other parts of your home.

Preman Roofing offers seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts in a wide variety of colors. We also have decorative copper gutters with endless ornamental possibilities to enhance the beauty of your home.

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