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Single/Multi Family Roofing-San Diego

San Diego Residential Roofing-Solar Services

Enjoy hassle-free roofing with the top San Diego county roofing company as we take you from the preliminary stages of an inclusive consultation.

  • Present you with a thorough and transparent estimate with no hidden costs.
  • Maintain communication with you daily on the progress of your roofing project with photos and emails.
  • Conduct a one on one final job-walk to ensure your satisfaction.
  • We provide you with an inclusive consultation with one of our knowledgeable and experienced estimators.

Free Estimate San Diego residential roofing

Preman Roofing-Solar has provided premier roofing services in the San Diego area and the surrounding communities since 1999. With years of roofing experience under our belts, we specialize in residential roofing, commercial roofing, and solar roofing. We take pride in our customer service — our priority is keeping our customers happy.

At Preman Roofing-Solar, we take care of all residential single and multi-family roofing services. Whether you own a home or an apartment complex, we are here to keep families safe with our top residential roofing services. Let our team of highly trained roofing technicians take care of your roof. Contact us today to speak with a quality roofing contractor for a free estimate.

San Diego Roofing Services Offered:


Roof and Leak Repair Services

  • Enlist the help of Preman Roofing-Solar’s finest roofers in San Diego, as they target the problem and efficiently get the job done. As the years pass, roofs age from time, storm damage and other elements. If left unaddressed, these small repairs may accumulate and grow in cost.

Roof Maintenance

  • Nothing is more important than scheduling regular roof maintenance with Preman Roofing-Solar. Our roofing specialists are not only trained to perform thorough roof maintenance, but every roofer will go the extra mile to take preventative steps to make sure your roof stays in undamaged shape.

Roof Replacement

  • A new roof is not only a smart investment, but a safe one. It is important to keep your family protected with a new roof. We will send a professional roofing specialist out to your home to evaluate your roof and suggest possible roofing solutions, designs and quality materials.

Roof Installation

  • Our highly-trained roofing technicians perform all types of roofing services including roof installation. Most of our competition relies on hiring independent contractors to help with installation or other services. At Preman Roofing-Solar, we take pride in meticulously training our team of specialists to keep all jobs within the company.

Solar Roofing

  • We have bred our team to become solar roofing experts and specialize in customized solar design for single and multi-family homes. Solar panels can be added to a new roof or existing roof. Reduce your bills and conserve energy with solar roofing. Learn more about our residential solar panel installation process.

Metal Roofing

  • Our roofing experts also specialize in Metal Roofing. Metal Roofs have many advantages. Metal roofs can be made from up to 95% recycled materials. While being more environmentally friendly, having a metal roof makes it easier to install solar panels. They also are longer lasting and durable.

We guarantee our pristine workmanship on every service from a roof repair to installation. A roofing service is not only an investment for your home, but for your family’s safety. With each roofing service, our team will go through our signature 5 step process to make you a happy homeowner.

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New Residential Roof Installations

The styles of residential roofing systems Preman Roofing-Solar installs vary by your personal preference in the aesthetic look you want for your home and the budget you want to work with. Visit our residential roof galleries to see the attention to detail we provide your home’s new roof during the removal, repair phase, roof installation and clean up. Enjoy a variety of images that showcase decorator shingles, concrete tiles and authentic clay tiles.

Residential Roof Replacements

Your home is a reflection of you and your family and as such, your residential roofing project is distinct from the roofs on other homes. To achieve the beauty, protection, cost-effectiveness and maintain structural integrity for your home – your roof replacement requires special attention to details from competent, highly trained roof consultants to determine the best approach to your new roof system. The collective experience and tenure of the residential roofing consultants and roof installers at Preman Roofing-Solar continue to provide our residential clients the options of high-quality roof products, state of the art materials and expert roof installations that are energy-saving, beautiful and affordable. The Preman Roofing-Solar experts bring you years of experience in replacing a variety of residential roof systems. We work on every home as if it was our own. You will have confidence in your choice of residential roofing companies knowing that your new residential roofing system will be managed and installed with all the care, attention to detail and experience our residential roof consultants and installers bring to every job. Preman Roofing-Solar is dedicated to providing you with extreme quality, expertise and care throughout your residential roof replacement project. With Preman Roofing-Solar as your choice of roofing contractors, you will have your homes’ beautiful new roof system on time, on budget and with all the work guaranteed.

Learn more about roof repair in San Diego.residential new roof installations

Types of Roofing Materials

At Preman Roofing-Solar, we take pride in offering the best roofing materials to address all our customers’ roofing needs and aesthetics. Our roofing specialists will carefully work with each customer to assess which roofing material will protect and best suit their home.

Our Top Roofing Products:

  • Shingle Roofing Products
  • Clay and Concrete Tile Roofing Products
  • Residential Metal Roofing
  • Low Slope or Flat Roofing Products
  • Solar Tiles
  • Insulation for Roofing
  • Gutters and Downspouts

Benefits of Taking Care of Your Roof: 

  • Address a small roof repair and circumvent larger issues down the road.
  • Protect your family and stay safe with a new or properly maintained roof
  • Maintain your roof and remain on top of potential problems
  • Invest in a new roof and add to your property value
  • Replace your roof and give your curb appeal a makeover
  • Get a solar roof and significantly cut energy costs

Preman Roofing-Solar has a dedicated team of highly trained residential roof installers. Our team has a long tenure with us, with each member taking personal pride in a job well done. Our roofers protect your home with the utmost care and precision in your roof installation.

Whether you live in a single-story or multi-story house, the roof above your head is the single most important thing to you and your family’s safety. We take care of every single step of the roofing process so you don’t have to. This investment is not only vital to the structural integrity of your home, but critical to avoiding astronomically high expenses when it’s already too late for a repair.

Why Choose Preman Roofing-Solar?

  • +A rating from BBB
  • Guaranteed timeline and price
  • Top Quality Roofing Materials
  • Safe and Fully Insured Business
  • All-Inclusive In-House Roofing Services
  • Family Owned Business
  • Serving the San Diego area since 1999
  • Highly Trained Team of Roofing Specialists

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