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Home & Commercial Roof Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures your roof’s structural soundness remains intact, helping you to avoid potentially devastating emergency expenses.

Your roof system is a vital component of an integrated structure that makes up your property. The foundation, walls, supports and windows all work together with your roof to provide a safe and stable environment. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, regular maintenance service can prolong the life of your roof and protect your investment. Our roofing technicians are meticulously trained to identify and resolve any type of roofing issue. With our vast expertise and experience, we are able to offer the leading roofing maintenance service in San Diego and surrounding areas.

A well-maintained roof regulates insulation, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of your property as a whole. Roofing problems generally go unnoticed if not well maintained.

Advantages of Roof Maintenance

Increase energy efficiency

With regular maintenance and roof inspection, we are able to catch any roof leaks or potential damage that may cause a rise in your energy bills.

Avoid future costly repairs

Keep your roof well maintained to avoid a large costly roof repair down the road.

Keep your property safe

Roof maintenance can pinpoint any potential water damage and safety issues your property may be at risk of having.

Maintain your building’s aesthetic

Keep your property looking well manicured with scheduled maintenance services.

Increase property value

Investing in your property’s roof can greatly contribute to a higher property value in the future.

Extend the life of roof

Prolong the lifespan of your roof with our regular maintenance.

Our professional roofing technicians will evaluate your property’s roof system through a comprehensive consultation to create a personalized maintenance plan. Each maintenance service is tailored to your specifications and schedule. Through regular maintenance and repair, our team is able to catch issues early on and recommend potential roofing services that will effectively fix these problems.

At Preman Roofing-Solar we hold ourselves accountable for best in class service, maintenance, and attention to detail. Contact our friendly staff at Preman Roofing-Solar to book your consultation and invest in your roof repair today.

Our professional roof team will conduct routine maintenance by cleaning your gutters and vents, identify weather-damaged roof areas, check for a leaky roof and more.

Preman Roofing company started with Aaron Preman and has grown into one of the best family owned businesses in San Diego.

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