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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Solar Roofing

Commerical solar roofing is on the rise and this trend is witnessing the transformation of efficiency, financial stability, and ethical conservation in the workplace. At Preman roofing, we offer complete rooftop solar solutions for any building, large or small. We are proud to talk about the variety of ways in which solar roofing can benefit you and give you endless energy for a fraction of the cost of traditional electrical energy methods.

But since commercial solar roofing in San Diego is still an up and coming feature, many customers still have many questions about the process and its benefits. That’s why our Preman professionals are here to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial solar needs.

1. How Does a Solar Panel Affect My Roof?

Solar panels do not negatively impact any part of the roof or its structure. In fact, it can even shade your roof from the sun, making the entire building cooler by a few degrees. It’s understandable that many building owners are mainly concerned about how solar panel installation might damage the roof.

However, when your solar panels are installed by Preman Roofing, you are guaranteed a safe installation that only brings positive impacts without having to worry about the structural integrity of your building.

2. How are Solar Roofs Installed?

Solar roofing is installed in a variety of ways, but there are typically two methods:

● Attached racking requires hardware installation that permanently tacks the solar panels on to the roof. This is great for sloped roofs or roofs that are under more jurisdictions and building codes.

● Ballasted racking is a heavyweight system that uses concrete blocks rather than hardware to attach the panels to the roof. This is typically an easier and more popular installation system for commercial solar roofing in San Diego.

3. Does Solar Roof Installation Come with a Warranty or Code Compliance Issues?

Our Preman solar professionals will work with you or the building owner to establish a plan that is compliant with all building codes. PV systems are designed in a way that will be easy for the building manufacturer without disrupting construction or any Federal laws.

As far as a warranty goes, there are always workmanship and labor warranties that come with the job. We can work with you to establish a contract that best assures you that the quality of labor and longevity of the solar panels will impact you in the best ways possible, keeping us liable for any errors.

4. Do I Need to Replace My Roof?

Before your solar panels are installed, our solar panel specialists will be sure to thoroughly investigate the structural integrity of your roof before installation. If the roof itself needs replacement or maintenance, we can perform that for you before the solar is approved.

If you need to maintain or replace your roof after the solar panels are installed, that can be done so easily, but it may come with the extra costs of removing the solar panels first. Does your business need a new roof? Check out our San Diego commercial roofing services.

5. Do Solar Panels Impact Roof Maintenance Needs?

Professionally-installed solar panels should not affect existing rooftop needs and equipment. Our solar panel systems are designed to allow for proper roof drainage and maintenance without your new panels getting in the way.

We also ensure that all parts of your roof can still be accessed for maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way.

Commercial Solar Roofing in San Diego

Not only can solar panels provide you with a much cheaper form of energy, but they also provide much more sustainable energy. Contact Preman Roofing today to find out more about commercial solar panels in San Diego and how it can benefit your business! You can get in touch with us online or give us a call at (619) 276-1700 to discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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