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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gutters

Maintaining your gutters is one of the most important things you can do for your house. Ignoring your gutters for too long can have severe consequences on the safety and standards of your house. This can increase the chances of your roof rusting or becoming moldy, costing you thousands. When water is not flowing correctly off your roof, leaking occurs which will ultimately ruin the roof itself.

Read on to learn about best practices for roof and gutter maintenance to prevent any of the previously mentioned effects.

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1. Inspect Your Gutters

The first step in maintaining your gutter is to have a quarterly gutter inspection to check its status. When you do this, you want to make sure that your gutters are securely adhered to the wall. You then need to use a level to make sure they are not sloping, as this may cause more serious problems. After insuring they are both secure and level, you then need to look at the way that they are draining water. This is the most important aspect. Make sure water is not being held in your gutters. If you notice leftover water in the gutters, take note of this. If it is raining, watch the way water runs out of the gutters and make sure there are no problems.

2. Repair Pinholes

One of the most common forms of wear and tear on gutters comes in the form of pinholes. Pinholes are tiny little holes that form due to rust and corrosion. They are easily fixed with the aid of a few simple tools.

In order to fix the pinholes, you will need roofing cement and a brush. Mix up your roofing cement and apply lightly with the brush to each pinhole. Make sure to fill them in completely and to not overuse the product. To ensure the best results, take your time and go slowly over each one. This will keep your gutters in the best shape to properly run the water off of your roof and into the correct area.

3. Repair Larger Holes

To fix larger holes in your gutter, more help may be needed. This is when it is time to call up the professionals. Large holes need to be repaired with proper technique to make sure you do not ruin the entire system. Making a call to fix the gutters can save you thousands in the long run.

Professional roofing services can repair larger holes in gutters through the use cement, wire brushes, sanding and sealant. The process takes time to identify the exact kind of repair that is needed and how to best fix it.

4. Clean Regularly

After basic maintenance has been done on your gutters it is incredibly important to maintain the work you put in. Make sure you clean your gutters on a regular basis. It is recommended to clean them four times a year.

To clean your gutters, you will need to work gloves, a hand shovel and a garden hose. Start off by removing all the large debris from your gutters with your gloved hand. Next use the shovel to scoop out all the dirt and leftover trash that is housed within your gutter. Finally rinse out the gutter with the garden hose to make sure it is completely cleaned out. Repeat any of these steps as necessary until there is nothing left in the gutter.

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