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Metal Roofing and Solar Energy

It’s a new year, and 2018 is seeing a rise in the trend of metal roofs used in tandem with solar energy panels. Metal roofing, though aesthetically undistinctive, is an affordable way to promote recycled materials. Having a metal roof also makes it easier to install solar panels, making metal roofs and solar energy a match made in heaven!

At Preman Roofing, we want everyone to know about the benefits and cost-saving features of opting for solar roofing in San Diego. Our friendly staff members have gathered a list of the top 5 advantages of installing solar panels on existing metal roofs.

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1. Metal Roofs are Extremely Durable

Metal roofing solutions are notorious for their lifespan – keeping up with the best solar panels in most cases. A recycled, eco-friendly metal roof will see a lifespan of 30 years, making them a great candidate for a solar roofing installation.

If you already have a metal roof on your home, you have the opportune moment to install solar panels. With traditional roofing materials, you may have to keep up with roof maintenance and repair before you install solar panels.

2. Metal Roofs and Solar Panels are an Ecological Pair!

This dynamic duo can save tons of energy by reusing and recycling the materials needed to make them work. Metal roofs are extremely lightweight, and cool in temperature. They are perfect for your home if you are striving to be friendlier to the environment. Solar panels thrive on renewable energy and use a resource that isn’t going away anytime soon. Plus, both solar panels and metal roofs are completely recyclable once they’re done being used.

3. Mounting Solar Panels on a Metal Roof is Hassle-Free

It is a lot easier to install solar paneling on a metal roof than on more traditional types of roofing. Most solar panel manufacturers have developed installation products that are specifically designed for metal roofs.

If your metal roof has a standing seam, installers can usually use a series of clamps to mount the solar panel racking on top of. It is easy and quick to install, making it a more affordable process. This saves you the trouble of having to drill holes into your roof, which can be both time and money-consuming.

4. You Have More Solar Options with a Metal Roof

The typical type of solar panel that can be installed on your roof is the PV (silicon photovoltaic) solar panel, which you may be familiar with. These panels are large and square, and are attached to installed racking on your roof.

However, with metal roofs, you have a newer, sleeker option. Thin film solar panels are almost undetectable at first glance, making them an ideal choice for both style and efficiency reasons. Thin film solar panels only work on metal roofs, and they output much more solar energy per unit than the standard PV panels.

5. Solar Panels and Metal Roofs Keep Your Home Cool

Metal roofs reflect a lot more sunlight than traditional roofs do, making them a much better option for when you’re looking to cool your home with solar enegery. You can have your metal roof coated with reflective paint to maximize the effect even further.

Solar panels can keep your home even cooler during the warmer months. Traditional PV panels offer shade to your roof, causing the surface to be much cooler by nature. This is an eco-friendly way to keep cool during the summer without having to expend too much energy to be comfortable.

Solar Roofing in San Diego

Metal roofing and solar panel options are quite the pair, and together they can offer several important benefits to your home. You can stay cool during the summer and get the most out of your renewable solar energy without having to spend money out of your pocket on expensive electric bills.

If you’re looking to make a change and invest in a long-lasting resource, our staff members at Preman Roofing are here to help with quality solar installation in San Diego. To schedule a consultation, simply contact us online or call our San Diego office at (619) 276-1700 today. We look forward to telling you about your renewable energy options!

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