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Types of Roof Shingles

Whether you’re in need of a new roof or you’re looking at replacing a few missing shingles, you may be surprised to learn just how many types of shingles there are. The cost to replace roof shingles varies widely depending on the kind you have, and they all come with different advantages and drawbacks. 

Before you begin a roof shingles repair, you’ll need to know more about your roof. Let’s break down the common types of roof shingles so you can learn more about what’s protecting your home from the elements. 

Asphalt Shingles

Organic shingles are pure asphalt, while composite shingles are a mix of fiberglass and asphalt. Organic shingles are much less common because they have a tendency to break down quickly. Composite shingles are readily available and can last nearly twice as long through sun, wind, and rain. You can choose between three tab shingles or dimensional shingles when you’re laying a new roof. Three tab shingles lay flat, while dimensional shingles come in two layers that are bonded together, and have a rolling appearance. 

Architectural Shingles

Also known as laminated shingles, architectural shingles are made with a more robust asphalt and fiberglass blend. They also use a heavier base mat for better protection against leaks. Laminated shingles are traditionally more expensive than standard asphalt roof shingles, but they tend to last several years longer and give your home a more contemporary appearance. 

Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles the oldest types of roofing shingles, but they have declined in popularity in favor of cheaper or more durable roofing material. Still, a cedar wood shingle roof does offer some advantages. They are resistant to insects and they can be treated with flame retardant chemicals to reduce the spread of fire. Many people prefer the appearance of a wood shingle roof to more modern types of roofing shingles.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is extremely popular in areas with high winds, but the durable materials can also withstand rot and the heat of fires. The design of these roofs make them very resilient against leaks, and with proper care, a tile roof can last for over 100 years. You can choose between a slate tile, clay tile, or concrete tile roof, depending on the look you want. 

The major drawback of concrete tile roofs is the weight of roofing materials and the price. They are also only suitable for a roof with a steep pitch, and they can break during heavy hail storms or from falling limbs. Roof tiles may even break if you step on them wrong, so it’s best to leave your roofing work to the pros. 

Metal Shingles

Metal roofing may be made of stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, or copper. Stainless steel is the most popular choice for metal roof shingles because it’s significantly cheaper and still can outlast traditional asphalt roof shingles by decades. They are also significantly lighter than either tile roofing or asphalt shingles. A metal roof is by far one of the smartest investments you can make for your home, and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. 

A metal roof is one of the best choices to install solar panels. Installation is often much easier,  and will typically outlast a solar energy system, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your roof while your solar panels are operational. 

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are a new technology that mimics the traditional look of shingle roofing while allowing you to harness solar energy for your home. Unlike traditional solar panels, solar tiles can’t be installed on every kind of existing roof, so you might need to pay the cost to tear off your existing roofing. They can sometimes take a long time to install properly, and the price difference is pretty significant compared to other solar energy systems, but because it serves as a roof replacement, it can be a good value depending on how long you plan to live in your home. 

Routine inspection and maintenance is key

When it’s properly installed and maintained, your roof is designed to insulate your home and protect it from the elements. Even a single missing roofing shingle can cause issues when it rains, so you need to pay attention to the state it’s in. While you can always grab a ladder and get a closer look for yourself, a professional roofing company has the experience to spot issues before they develop and keep your roof in shape throughout it’s expected lifespan. 

You may be wondering, “How long does a shingle roof last?” The answer depends just as much on how well you take care of it as it does what kind of material you have. Preman Roofing Solar can help. We offer no money down financing options for emergency repairs, and free estimates for roof maintenance, repair, and new installations. Contact us today to schedule a residential roofing or commercial roofing inspection.

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