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What is the Cost to Replace Roof Shingles?

Homeowners trying to save money often make the mistake of avoiding maintenance. The reality is that skipping essential roof maintenance means little problems can grow, and the bigger the problem, the more it can cost to fix.  

If you have damaged or missing shingles in your roof, they should be replaced promptly. The average roof replacement cost will depend on which of the different types of roof shingles you have and the number you need to replace. The bigger your roof size, the more you can expect to pay. 

The main factor to consider is the price of ignoring problems with your roofing shingles. If your roof develops a leak, the water will travel down through the wood and create mold and mildew throughout the house. Over time, you can get water damage in the support beams of your roof and your walls and ceiling. No matter what roofing material you’re using, the average roof replacement cost will always be higher than the roof repair cost.

When do you need to replace your roof?

There are many factors that determine whether or not your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof for signs of wear and tear. If there are granules washing off your shingles into the gutter or a lot of them curling or coming loose, it may be time for a roof replacement. 

This doesn’t always mean you’ll have to have a total tear-off. If the roof is in good enough shape, you can consider adding another layer of shingles to your existing roof. If the beams and rafters in your attic are still in good shape, you can save a lot of money on your roof installation cost by adding a second layer of shingles on. This can also be an ideal time to transition to metal roofing if you want to increase your roof’s life expectancy.

So how long does a shingle roof last? That all depends on how well you take care of it, the weather in your area, and the roof shingles you have. Because of all these factors, it can be anywhere from 20 years to a century before you need a new roof. However, if you aren’t paying attention to your roof, you may develop structural damage that requires a new roof in under ten years.

Regular roof inspection and maintenance

It’s easy to miss problems on your roof, especially if you never take a close look. The best bet is to hire a roofing company to inspect your roof, preferably twice a year. You can still keep a closer eye on things if you have a sturdy ladder with rubber feet. This will help you get a better look at harder to see areas. Ares like the ridge vent, valleys, and areas around chimneys and pipes are more likely to have debris pile up or get damaged from wind and rain. However, unless you have a flat roof, you shouldn’t walk on it without safety gear. Even a low roof pitch is challenging to walk on, and many roofing materials can be damaged if you make a wrong step.

A single missing roof shingle can lead to a leak, especially if it’s above a seam. However, even if it doesn’t cause a leak right away, it should still be addressed promptly. Your roof’s underlay isn’t designed to perform properly without protection. There are other things to keep an eye on during a roof inspection. If you see a curled shingle, cracked or bent flashing, or damaged or missing gutters, you need to hire a roofing contractor for some maintenance. 

Some of the signs of roof damage are more obvious from the inside of your house. If you notice your energy bill starts to creep up, your roof may not be insulating as well as it used to. You may also notice water spots on your ceiling or the walls of your home. You should also check the roof deck in the attic. If you can see daylight coming through your roof in the attic or notice signs of the support beams sagging, your roof needs some work. 

A clean roof prevents leaks

Mold, mildew, and moss tend to grow in moist, shady spots on your roof. These spots need to be treated promptly because plant life can retain moisture and lead to water damage on affected shingles, no matter what they are made of. 

Falling debris from nearby trees can also lead to growth, and it can damage shingles, especially if it sits for long periods. Your roof should be cleaned twice a year, and you should remove all the debris from the gutters as well. This will allow water to run down the roof properly and keep everything dry, as well as prevent water from collecting around your home and damaging your foundation. You can use a hose to help wash this debris off, but you should never use a pressure washer on your roof. 

Keeping the trees trimmed around your home can protect your home from leaves and falling branches, and prevent fungus and plant growth on your roof. It can also deter animals like rats and squirrels from nesting in your attic. 

Average cost of common roofing material

Let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of shingles your roof may have, and the price for roof shingles repair:

Asphalt and composition shingles

An asphalt shingle roof is by far the most common kind of roof, and they are relatively cheap and widely available. On average, they cost up to $5 per square foot on your roof, though premium shingles can cost significantly more. 

Asphalt roof shingles are held in place with two rows of roofing nails, and each row is used to hold down two adjacent tiles. They are bonded in place using roofing cement that’s designed to withstand high winds. This can make an old shingle challenging to remove if you don’t have the proper tools and experience. If you aren’t careful, you’ll wind up with a damaged shingle next to the one you’re trying to replace.

Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar Shake offers a natural, old fashioned look to your home, and cedar is fairly resistant to bugs. On average, they cost around $4.50 per square foot. Cedar Shake roofs are generally more durable than asphalt shingles, but other than the aesthetic benefits, they pale in comparison to options like tile roof or metal roof.

Cedar Shake and other wood shingle roofs are susceptible to fire unless you purchase ones treated with fire-retardant chemicals. They can also develop mold, moss, and mildew if you don’t take preventative measures. 

Clay Tiles

Clay tile roofs are a durable and attractive option for homes, especially in areas where hail is uncommon. A tile roof will significantly reduce neighborhood noise coming into your home and help prevent a fire from spreading to your home. You can expect to pay $10-18 per square foot to replace clay tiles. 

While missing clay shingles need prompt replacement, you don’t always have to replace damaged ones. A cracked clay tile can often be repaired with roof cement, but this is a job that’s best left to the professionals. Walking on clay shingles is one of the quickest ways to break them if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you run the risk of falling off your roof.  

Metal roofing shingles

Renowned for their durability and superior insulation, metal roofing is lighter than asphalt shingles, and a metal roof can last over 70 years. On average, they cost between $5-14 per square foot, but they can easily last three times longer than asphalt roof shingles with proper care. 

The most common metal shingles are made from stainless steel. They have a protective zinc coating that prevents corrosion, but if the shingles are scratched or cut improperly, the coating can get damaged, and the stainless steel will start to rust. This can lead to leaks in your home. It’s best to have a professional roofer install your shingles to prevent leaks and help them last. A professional roofer can also reseal damaged shingles or replace them as necessary. 

Replacing your roof shingles

When it’s time to replace shingles on your roof, the best bet is to contact the pros. Walking the roof is extremely dangerous without proper safety equipment, and it’s easy to cause damage or miss trouble spots if you don’t have the right tools and experience. Roofers have the training to get the job done safely and the insurance coverage to back up any mistakes. 

When replacing large areas of damaged shingles, it is usually best to replace them all. Most professional roofing contractors advise against replacing only half or part of your roof. This is partly because you’ll be paying more per square foot in labor. The crew will still need to show up and bring all of their supplies no matter how much of the roof is damaged. The other reason is that you’ll be in for more frequent roof repairs instead of evening up the life cycle of all parts of your roof.

An old roof may need some maintenance to get it back into shape, but our San Diego roofing experts from Preman Solar can help. We offer a free roof repair and roof replacement estimate for customers in the San Diego area. Once we’ve quoted you with a roofing cost and scheduled your service, you have our guarantee that we will show up on time, and you won’t have any unexpected costs tacked on. Contact us today for commercial roofing or residential roofing services.