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How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

First impressions are everything – especially when selling your home. When it comes to curb appeal, it’s the exterior, the area that people see first and foremost, that truly makes or breaks any potential deal. The front entry, yard, driveway and sidewalk, the complete outdoor snapshot that – if done right – will command higher prices and take less time to sell. Don’t let mishaps like the need for upkeep, roof maintenance, or replacements be the reason your home has entirely lost its wow factor. To get started with a new roof installation for your home, partner with Preman Roofing to ensure your home’s structural integrity.

Dress up the Front Door

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform any front door as well as the entirety of any home by adding some extra flavor and personality—as well as providing a more welcoming entryway. There are myriad of colors, styles, and options to choose from, with various door designs, decorative glasses, and maybe even the addition of a classic wood door or a storm door to offer better energy efficiency.

Plus, this is just an all-around budget friendly upgrade to consider, as most exterior paint costs around $30 a gallon. Try for a bolder color to make your home stand out amongst the rest of the street. Remember to clean off any dirty spots around the knob, and to use metal polish on door fixtures as well.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting can make a drastic impact on curb appeal all while also providing safety and security. Illuminate walking paths or add some accent lighting on trees or in the garden for extra mood. If you would rather avoid wires, there is always the option of installing solar fixtures to provide a similar effect (though their light levels are not as bright or as reliable as the former).

Create an Instant Garden

Colorful flowers can do wonders for first impressions. Window boxes or container gardens full of abundant greens and pretty pinks no doubt will add a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal to any home exterior — quickly and affordably. It is incredibly easy to find ready-made containers from garden centers or even to go the DIY route by creating your own with all your favorite plants.

For green thumbs, upping your home’s curb appeal is the perfect excuse to plant trees. Before beginning, however, consider how big the tree will grow and how it will affect your home. If there isn’t enough space, try planting a couple smaller trees to frame your house or your entryway.

Install New Garage Doors

Surprisingly, garage doors can have a dramatic influence on any home’s curb appeal. Because they have such a commanding presence, upgrading a garage door with a vibrant color or engaging design can substantially improve the way any home looks.

There are many options available in everything from wood and steel to fiberglass, all in a wide range of styles and colors. Try getting window treatments on the garage door that match the windows in and around the house.

Additionally, replacing an out of date garage door will improve a home’s energy efficiency because modern garage doors are far better insulated.

New Roofing

It is often the most overlooked and taken for granted part of the home. If the original installation of your home’s roof was not done correctly, it may take up to a decade for any signs of strain to show. Just because you have not yet spotted any leaks or cracking does not mean your roof is structurally sound.

Letting a professional roofing company in San Diego fit your home with state of the art and/or solar roofing is one of the best ways to skyrocket value and appeal. Insulation, weatherproofing, and huge savings on energy bills are just some of the benefits that come with new roofing.

Roofing Company in San Diego

If you need help with ways to make your home more visually appealing and profitable, contact Preman Roofing, the premier roofing company in San Diego with over almost twenty years of experience. We have installed over 20,000 roof and solar systems with only the best standards in custom service. Using American made products and serving the best warranty in the industry, Preman Roofing continues to offer high-quality, affordable services that produce the best results.

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